A Brief Guide To Healthy Body Tips For Women

healthy body tips for women

It’s no secret that women have different nutrient requirements than men and children. As puberty hits, their hormones lose stability and they have a difficult time managing their emotions. This is just one example of how women are different and therefore have unique needs. The common saying goes that after touching the age of thirty, they start losing bone density and grow weak. They lose the elasticity of their skin and become prone to many diseases and pains. Different phases of their lives bring about a different change in the body and thereby must be taken care of consistently.

Healthy Body Tips For Women: Carbohydrates And Fiber

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As women age, their digestive system tends to get weak and therefore they must consume enough carbs to avoid bloating. Moreover, they must continue to consume carbs to retain their lean muscle mass in their arms and functioning of the brain. In addition, they must consistently consume Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Healthy fats to maintain a healthy body and strength. Replacing and reducing junk food with nutrient rich diets should be the ideal goal.

Healthy Body Tips For Women: Exercise

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Exercise plays a key role in building strength and muscle in a woman’s body. Some exercises like resistance training, cardio, yoga and pilates work great for women in the age of 30-70 years. Solely doing household chores and eating right isn’t enough. Most women stop there and still wonder why they are battling joint pains, headaches and bloating. Working out in the gym for minimum five days a week will keep your body active and blood well circulated.

Healthy Body Tips For Women: Meditation

Meditation is definitely not easy but depending on the strength of your will power and determination, you can surely win. Start by meditating for two to five minutes. If you can do so consistently, in no time you will be able to meditate for a long time without stressing about it. It is a powerful tool to stay present and be conscious of one’s thoughts and patterns in life. Meditation will help enlarge your frontal lobe and decrease the size of the amygdala which creates anxiety and unstable moods. Besides meditating, you can try breath work and journaling to deal with stress and worry.


In summation, there is one more important point I need to mention. A woman must visit their general physical, OB/GYN once every year to get their vitals checked. The first step towards taking care of them begins with self-love. They must put their needs on top of their family and other societal expectations. One must stay away from destroying habits of consuming too much alcohol, drugs or smoking cigarettes. These will not only affect your fertility but hamper your heart and brain health in the long run. Cut yourself some slack and stay away from strict diets that don’t allow you to binge once in a while.

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