Stop Snoring With These Tips

Stop Snoring With Tips And Treatments

Whatever be the reason, the leading cause of snoring is due to the blockage of the air passage. Therefore a person must try and stop snoring. Generally, snoring is due to vibration in throat muscles. However, the main concern is how to stop snoring? There are numerous short-termed as well as surgical ways. But it is better to avoid rather than suffer. Therefore, follow a healthy lifestyle to stop snoring.

Types Of Snoring

Stop Snoring With Tips And Treatments
  1. Everyday Snoring: During sleeping, every muscle in the body relax. Just like that, the throat muscles also relax. This narrows down the air passage. Therefore, the flow of air is fast through that narrow way. This, in turn, causes the throat to dehydrate. So, the dehydrated muscles vibrate and cause snoring.
  2. Congestion Snoring: In cases of cold or allergies, the nasal passage is congested. And this makes the air to travel faster through the passage. Therefore, the nearby tissues get dehydrated. Moreover, if the person breathes through the mouth, it dries up the mouth. That also causes snoring.

Loud Snoring And Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Usually, snoring is caused by dry throat or mouth. However, in some cases, the muscles of the air passage join together for a while. And this lasts for about 10-20 seconds. After that, a loud snore comes out. This is called apnoea.

Furthermore, this disturbs the sleep cycle of the body. Because lack air wakes up the person. Moreover, this results in tiredness and sleeplessness. In severe cases, this might also result in oxygen deficiency in the blood. And that condition is called hypopnoea.

Causes Of Snoring

  • Alcohol Consumption: The main reason for snoring is alcohol consumption; the narrow air passage is caused by the relaxation of muscles, which is due to alcohol intake.
  • Structure Of Mouth: People having a soft and thicker palate are most likely to snore. Because this also narrows down the air passage. Apart from that, obesity also causes the same issue. Moreover, uvula can also create an obstacle in the airway.
  • Sleeping Position: Sleeping on the back is another cause of snoring. Here, gravity plays a significant role as it pushes down the muscles of air passage and makes it narrower.

Tips To Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring With Tips And Treatments
Stop Snoring With Tips And Treatments

The first and foremost thing is to lose weight as obesity causes snoring. Moreover, try to sleep on the side rather than sleeping on the back. And limit the use of alcohol as well as tobacco. Furthermore, many devices are also available to stop snoring. So, use nasal strips, nasal dilator, and oral appliances. It is also essential to treat old nasal allergies. Also, try to get proper sleep of 7-8 hours. And avoid the usage of sedatives right before going to bed at night.

Treatments To Stop Snoring

Apart from these remedial tips, some medications are also functional. These are used in more severe cases. Surgeries to correct the structure of the nose is one of them. For soft palates, use pillar procedure or palatal implants. In these, the soft palate hardens by using polyester fibers.


It is not advisable to ignore snoring as a small issue. So, it’s better to find the cause and treat it. However, to stop snoring weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are enough.

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