What Are The Different Pressure Points On The Body?

Pressure Points On The Body: List And Benefits

It is quite normal to hit our knee, bang our toe or strike elbow. And the first wish is to touch the point of pains. That intuition- the need to calm the anxiety with a finger is the extract of pressure points. Acupressure is the exercise of applying exact force mainly with fingertips on various points of the body. It is not a new remedial way. These points are based on a traditional understanding of the body as both physically and energetic unit. The body consists of about 100 pressure points. These pressure points on the body can be used for good or bad both. For therapeutic purpose, the physician applies force to locations near an affected area; for example, pressure points on hands are helpful for the illness of mind like nervousness.

List of Pressure Points In Human Body

  • Temples- On both sides of the head, there is a flat area between the ear and eyes. The points are positioned about half an inch from the bottom of eyebrows. Pressing these points on both the sides of the head at the same time while moving fingers in circles help in getting relief from headache.
  • Dokko – It is the exact point at the back of the ear. It is helpful for mild stimulation to reduce stress.
  • Hichu- It is vital for self-defense. It is an essential point in body as the windpipe passes just below this surface.

Some More Pressure Points In Human Body

  • The webbing of hand- It is positioned in the chubby area between thumb and index finger on both hands. Pressing firmly on this point by pinching from both sides results in some uneasiness. It helps in reducing tension in the head.
  • Kote- Calmly force down the pressure point in round motion or hit it powerfully to cause pain. Moreover, it helps reduce anger.
  • Stomach problem pressure point- It helps improve digestion, constipation, and bloating. Furthermore, it improves the immune system and supports the body 

How Pressure Points Benefits?

It is a type of massage that depends mainly on using thumb, finger, and palm to apply force to various points on the body. It benefits in different ways like:

  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It relieves tension from the body and brings the mind at peace.
  • Promotes sleep- a good night sleep in necessary for everyone. Therefore taking pressure on points can give a quality sleep.
  • Calming muscles and joints.
  • Improves digestion- applying pressure on these points helps improve digestion and relieves from constipation.
  • Mild pain and discomfort caused by sports or other injuries.
  • The massage reduces headache.


The pressure point is a way to relax muscles, reduces stress and headaches. They are a sensitive part of the body which affect a function or the other. Getting these pressure points treated by a professional is beneficial. Acupuncture or pressure points also solve many underlying problems. The knowledge of pressure points is also given in ancient Chinese medicine and even in Indian Ayurveda.

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