Widely Used in Hair Styling Activities in the Salon or in Your Home! Easy to Use and Get Amaze!

Ever wondered how professional salons give those perfect highlights to your hair? Well, there is no magic happening there. And with these tools, you can do it just as perfect too! If you ever tried giving yourself highlights and wondered why the color was mixing with the other sections, we have got the solution for you. Don’t worry, you weren’t doing anything wrong, you just didn’t have the right tools. But now with these Hair Salon Paper for Separating/Isolating Hair Accessory Tools, you will be able to dye your hair just like the professionals do it! This package includes just the tools that you will need to separate different sections and give them the color you want!

Hair Salon Paper for Separating/Isolating Hair Accessory Tools

These tools include the tools that you will require throughout the process. To prevent the colors from getting mixed, you will have to section them first, using the sharp end of the comb provided to you, carefully take out the section you want to dye. Once you have sectioned the hair, place a paper sheet under that section and apply color to that section using the brush provided in the package. Then place another paper sheet above that section and fold the ends to secure it. With these simple steps, you can prevent the color from mixing up with the other parts of your hair. The brush and comb provided in the package can be used for a very long time as they are made of nylon and plastic, making them very durable. You will also be provided 50 paper sheets, which can be used to prevent mixing colors and affecting other areas. 

Buy your Hair Salon Paper for Separating/Isolating Hair Accessory Tools today.


  • Item Type Styling Accessory
  • Size 300×95 cm
  • Material nylon + plastic
  • Model Number Hair Care Tools
  • Comb and brush material nylon + plastic
  • Feature 50pcs X Dye Paper
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  • 50 sheets of paper 
  • Brush to apply color 
  • Comb to section hair 
  • Brush and comb made of durable material     
  • Makes sectioning hair easier and quicker 
A close up of a comb


  • Sheets cannot be reused 
  • Does not include hair color 


This product has got everything you need. You can also use it to color your entire hair or to just give yourself some funky-looking highlights. Once you use these sheets and combs to section and dye your hair, you will never visit the salon again. Save yourself from the overpriced salon treatments and get the same results for a much cheaper price. The comb also has two kinds of bristles to section hair differently as per requirement. One side is the thin bristles and the other is wide bristles or wide partitioning. Get yourself these Hair Salon Paper for Separating/Isolating Hair Accessory Tools for salon-like results right at home! Save time and a lot of money by choosing this option and get results that will have people wondering where you got your hair colored from. 

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